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    First Day of September in New York

    I’m spending two weeks in New York to see my favorite guy and after some days of doing nothing at all we are getting back into the groove again. As fall season is approaching…

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    Osaka & Kyoto

    Last year I went to Tokyo and had an incredible time exploring Japanese culture for the very first time. Every day I found myself amazed of their way of living, behaviour and the simple…

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    Jeju Island

    Jeju was incredible and 2,5 days was far from enough to explore its dramatic, yet peaceful, volcanic landscape filled with craters, caves, waterfalls and lush forests. A popular spot for couples and honeymoons –…

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    Hello Seoul, You’re humid, hot and hectic but I’m enjoying it so far! As my younger sister is taking an exchange year in Seoul it is the perfect time to visit. I didn’t know…