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    I used to have a favorite necklace with a tiny diamond pendant, but after several years and perhaps not the best maintenance from my part the gold plated silver has lost its color and…

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    rain coat

    Constantly shifting between warm and sweaty vs cold and rainy last week in Melbourne. Glad to have this rain coat with me. / Having the most amazing time in Oceania by the way!…

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    la garconne

    They asked to meet at one of my favorite places in the city, so we went to the iconic Guggenheim. Took some shots with La Garconne for a small feature and wore their own…

  • Clothing


    Same but different. Day after day. Jacket Margaret Howell…

  • Clothing


    Soft whites on a moody October day. Trench Coat Vintage Pant Amomento Shoes Crown Northampton…